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Sing With Praise Vocals ,LLC

Sing unto him a new song;

play skillfully with a loud noise.

(Psalm 33:3)

Private Voice and Piano Lessons

Regular Prices:

Voice Lessons:


60 Minute: $55

90 Minute: $82.50


FULL-TIME: (weekly 60 minute lessons)


FULL-TIME: (90 weekly  minute lessons)


PART-TIME: (bi-weekly 60 minute lessons)


PART-TIME: (bi-weekly 90 minute lessons)


Piano Lessons:


30 Minute: $27.50

45 Minute: $41.25


FULL-TIME: (weekly 30 minute lessons)


FULL-TIME: (weekly 45 minute lessons)


PART-TIME: (bi-weekly 30 minute lessons)


PART-TIME: (bi-weekly 45 minute lessons)


For all other services please call or visit our webstore for a quote.

**Unless working within a package, all students must sign a month to month contract with a 30 days notice cancelation policy for all lessons.  Students pay upfront monthly for all lessons.  I run on a 48 week yearly schedule with 4 weeks of vacation spread though out the year.    

My studio is currently FULL for the 2022-23 calendar year.  

2023-2024 Calendar year will start Sept 2023.  (Please see contact page if you would like to be put on the wait list.)