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Sing With Praise Vocals ,LLC

Sing unto him a new song;

play skillfully with a loud noise.

(Psalm 33:3)

Type of Lessons

Private Voice Lesson

The most popular choice of lessons. These are weekly or bi-weekly lessons that are provided on a private level for students ages 8+. 

Private Beginning Piano Lessons

Another popular option. These are weekly lessons provided at the private level for students ages 8+


Small Group lessons are groups of 5 to 10 students who come together once a month to learn fundamentals and foundation skills. They are based on age group and level of experience. Group lessons are only available when 5 or more students can attend.


Workshops are available once a month and divided by age group.


Consultations for choirs, productions, and local school programs are available on a flexible basis. Sing With Praise Vocals will aid with soloists, duets, choirs and another vocal help you may require.

Rehearsal Part Recordings

Sing With Praise Vocals creates rehearsal parts recordings for choirs or praise teams. Sop, Alto, Tenor and Bass parts can be recorded. These tracks are meant for rehearsal purposes only and not for re-sale.